Wednesday, November 14, 2018

In today’s society immediacy is the ultimate tool for misunderstanding. More often than not individuals read and listen with their main intention being “to respond”, rather than “to understand”. Information is taken in, and simply regurgitated without proper digestion of knowledge. The days of researching a story in my generation seem to have come and went without notice. I find more and more every day that news and information is no longer the subjugation of critical thinking. Nine out of ten people that I ask to identify where they get their news from, say Facebook, or another social media platform that they frequent on a daily basis. Now I have no problem with Facebook as a social media platform; it does great work in keeping people connected, but it is just that, a social media tool for keeping people connected. This platform was never intended on being your geo-political news source, and it rightfully should not. Why you ask? Mainly because the question to focus on is that of who disseminates what is true, and what is fallacy? Well, in this instance, the reader does. The only problem with this, is that the reader cannot be trusted to critical think about the article in which they are reading. Due to mainstream media conditioning, and or programming, whichever term properly sinks your boat, most readers assume that the critical thinking aspect has already been done for them. The domino effect of misinformation then trickles down as far as the lack of critical thinking allows.

Now the question still remains, why do so many people seek out Facebook, rather than a legitimate news outlet for their information? The answer is quite simple actually, they don’t know which sources are legitimate, and so they don’t know who to trust. This distrust seems to stem from what I call, “the lost factor”. The lost factor is the notion of a reader not knowing enough about a subject to fully commit to engagement intellectually, so they just completely avoid running the risk of not knowing more than they already didn’t know. Some answers actually do leave you with more questions, but I like to think of this as the intellectuals plateau effect. The plateau effect is a force of nature that lessens the effectiveness of once effective measures over time. There was a time when the information you searched for actually came up, and you could get answers. Nowadays though, there is such an abundance of information on every subject, and nearly just as much if not more misinformation that a reader gives up when they become more confused on a subject than when they went in to it. This “lost factor” can stifle even the most determined of investigative journalists, so imagine a novice just trying to keep up with current events. It’s nearly impossible.

Our goal here at The Real Alternative Publication™is to counter this state of mind, and create a legitimate source that can be trusted, as well as set a pace for the reader in which they feel they can actually keep up with what is happening in and around the world on a broader scale.

We scour the dozens of news outlets daily in order to aggregate the top stories and articles that we feel everyone should be privy too, while at the same time not giving them so much information on a subject that they feel overwhelmed taking in this new knowledge. We set out to create an environment in which everything you click on is relevant to the world you live in with relation to what truly matters, so we cut out the fluff. We are not motivated by an agenda, by propaganda, or by any outside monetary influences. We created this to inform, to give those looking for a trustworthy news outlet a “go to”.

We want to create access to the truth of all matters, not just the truth the media says matters. We are The Real Alternative Publication. We are T.R.A.P. CHICAGO™.


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