Why have one Bin Laden when you can have 30 thousand?

By Emmanuel Green of T.R.A.P Chicago

There is so much mystery and intrigue surrounding this ruthless terrorist organization. One can argue that they suddenly appeared out of thin air and into the spotlight; and they would be exactly right!

Lets start here..

It was toward the end of the “Arab Spring”. Revolution was certainly still in the air, and former friends of the European Union lie dead, under siege, or incarcerated for biting the hands that fed them. Were talking about the Dictators of Africa; Men once favored by the Western Elite, now torn from power and their empires lay in ruin, or on the verge of it. Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen were all geopolitical flipped by the will of their own people; Citizens that had enough of despotic rule by ruthless dictators…or so it seemed that way at first…

How did it come to this?

In 2009, Muammar Qadaffi (former President of Libya) in his first address to the U.N (ever), ripped up a copy of the U.N charter and went on a 98 minute rant. He called for a UN inquiry into the investigation of John F Kennedy’s assassination, criticized the UN for failing to stop 65 wars since 1945 and suggested the Security Council be renamed to the “terror council”. He did however praise Obama and voiced his willingness to cooperate with our interests. For Republican opponents of Obama, this was like nails on a chalkboard..


Muammar Qaddafi blasting Europe and the US, shortly before his death.

 As you can imagine, the media machine went into full time frenzy mode. Oh yes, they made fun of him; They mocked his Bedouin robes. They criticized his speech as “belligerent and incoherent”. He was even coined by some as a “rambling boogey-man”. Qadaffi may have looked foolish in the eyes of western media, but something incredible happened afterward…


African leaders at the 20th African Union Summit in 2009

Qaddafi’s statements began to echo across Africa and the Middle East. Other leaders who were tired of the horrible treatment at the hands of the U.N. agreed with his sentiments. It’s as if Qaddafi became the Barack Obama of Northern Africa overnight. He stood up to Europe and didn’t blink once.

Shortly after his display of defiance, Muammar Qaddafi was elected chairman of the African Union in an overwhelming display of support from Africa’s Leaders.


Qaddafi giving his inaugural speech as the new chairman of the African Union

Wasting no time, Qaddafi outlined his vision for a new Africa; United under one flag, one government, one currency. Africa would enter a Golden Age forged not by conquest, but by cooperation and understanding. This ambitious vision was formation of The United States of Africa.

The United States of Africa??

United States of Africa flag

African Union Flag: 54 stars for each country on the continent.

Yes, THE United States of Africa. The groundwork was already laid with the earlier formation of the African Union. Federalizing Africa would not only grant it’s member states financial independence, but it would create the second largest army in the world. Two factors that would deter any future imperialistic ambitions by western nations.

The Blueprint for a United Africa

Wikipedia: The United States Of Africa

The plan was simple: Unite Africa under one flag, one military, and one currency by 2017. The African Dinar, the conceptual currency of the project, was to be 100% backed by African gold and would be minted and distributed throughout the continent, effectively making the currencies of the Central Bank of Europe obsolete.(US Dollar, French Franc, British Pounds, The Euro)

Foreign cash reserves could be exchanged for the new gold dinar, and the foreign cash would be simply dumped on the market, or used as toilet paper.



For Africa's sake, I hope Euros are 2 ply

That isn’t all. Other states such as Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic would be invited to join.

The Savior of Africa?

After hearing these plans, Most African leaders quickly fell in love. Some leaders were still beholden to their European masters and heavily criticized his vision.

Nonetheless, the promise of a debt free and prosperous existence was appealing to them, and everyone else. It was a way out of a vicious cycle of multinational corporations pillaging precious resources out of their countries, and never giving anything back to the people. However, inquiring minds beckoned to know, Who is paying for all of this?


To pay for the bills associated with giving birth to a baby of this magnitude, Qaddafi aimed to make Europe foot the bill. How do you get the European Union to pay for something they don’t want? Raise the price of oil and cut the output! For that to work, you would need support from your buddies at OPEC, and a very influential player in Geopolitics.


Speculation: Russia, along with other oil producing nations who resented the US and UK for their warmongering viewed Qaddafi’s plans as a great opportunity to help in raising a middle finger to Europe and the US, and at the same time, counter US influence in Africa by way of diplomacy, trade, and cooperation.

Plus, at this same time, NATO is playing footsies with Ukraine..talking about deploying missile defense shields…talking about making a family and having babies. Putin was going to have NONE of it! This is the perfect moment to counter the “aggressive” moves of the US and Europe. What better way to accomplish this than to make friends with Africa..all of Africa.


Ayy Vlad, let's get this paper!!!


Putin and Qaddafi probably plotting the downfall of Europe

An informal alliance was unofficially born and they declared war on US and European hegemony. Their first salvo in this new battle would send a clear and unspoken message that would rattle the elites of Europe to its core, but first we will all witness the end of Europe’s most romantic bromance.

Europe Un-friends Qaddafi

It’s no secret that for decades, Libya enjoyed a special relationship with the countries of Europe. In exchange for cheap oil, Libya was connected to the global credit system and granted access to western banks, a perk he absolutely enjoyed, as his counterparts enjoyed the super cheap oil.


The Bro Code is strong in this photo


Holding hands, going on a stroll, what are best friends for?


Snuggle buddies

However, after his most recent tantrum at the UN, Qaddafi left a bad taste in European mouths. “How dare he bite the hand that feeds him.” They probably thought. Behind closed doors, people were plotting retaliation for his insubordinate attitude. Maybe a sanction or two would teach him more respect eh?

What they didn’t know, is that Qaddafi was already a few steps ahead of them. No one in Europe saw what was coming…

The European Energy Crisis of 2009

In 2009, OPEC raised the price of oil and Russia cut all energy supplies to Europe by 60%. These two actions caused a devastating effect on European countries. People had to pay more to heat their homes. Transportation costs skyrocketed. Panic swept the whole continent as more and more calls for government cutbacks were heard.


Vladimir Putin instructing the Gazprom CEO to crush Europe's testicles.

Documentation of this event via

The European Financial Crisis of 2009

As if injury wasn’t enough, Europe’s economy was insulted worldwide. Financial analysts warned that Europe’s energy crisis could make it socially unstable, and that sent global investors into full panic. Effectively causing Europe to become unstable. How ironic.


All is fair, in love and economic warfare

This panic caused the complete economic disembowelment of nations such as Iceland, Portugal, and Greece, and forced most countries in Europe to draw up “Austerity” measures to keep governments running on fumes at least until they figure out what to do with all of this sovereign debt. This made the population absolutely furious.


You can't just give us free stuff then take it away. REVOLUTION!!!

Socialism is widely popular in Europe. Most people have grown comfortable with governmental assistance. In some cases, that Is all people have to look forward to. Surely without the government helping out with food and rent, the people would freeze and starve. The thought of starving to death permeated in the minds of Europeans and they protested. Violently.

Things were looking quite grim all across Europe by the beginning of 2010. Riots. Energy Shortages. Financial Turmoil. It only seemed to get worse.


Some European chaps waiting for Anarchy

How did it all come to this? Did Russia flex too much muscle? Was it because Africa started breaking it’s chains? “How could they be so ungrateful?” western leaders probably asked each other. The only way to fix it, was to secure a reliable energy source for Europe, and quickly. But how? They can’t just keep invading countries now can they?


Europe should ask the Bush Gang for help. They can start wars out of thin air!

Of course going to war in a moment of desperation looks bad. The world would know the gig is up. So how do you destabilize a country without using any of your own soldiers?

Mercenaries. Lots and Lots of Mercenaries

Coming Soon –  Part 2: Terror Fingers Into Twitter Fingers